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No cannibalization - Maximum waste reduction.

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(Why Africa?)

Sell off obsolete inventory discreetly without cannibalizing existing trade. 

We sell your obsolete inventory through physical hubs located in close proximity to the peri-urban settlements that house the majority of consumers in Africa, discounted products are never publicly exposed online, with customers buying directly from our hubs or agent.

Zero brand erosion

  • Low levels of direct brand trade
  • Low levels of affordability
  • Limited opportunity for full price retail

Africa loves fashion

  • 1.3 billion potential customers
  • High levels of brand affinity
  • Limited choices available

Sustainable fashion

(Affordability index)

Consumers in Africa can't afford to buy brands at retail prices.

(Current consumer behaviour)

Consumers inability to purchase quality clothing drastically increases waste on the continent.

(What African consumers are buying)
Donated clothing

40% dead on arrival Greenpeace

Counterfeit goods

Illegal trade robbing brands of equity

Cheap synthetic imports

Lowest lifespan

Top 100 Global fashion brands

Inability to scale trade

(Product Flow)

Supply chain

Collection from anywhere

  • Distribution Centers
  • Stores
  • Factories

We rejuvenate end of line textiles

  • Technology helps us sort and value
  • Cleaning + Reconditioning
  • Garment re-enters circulation
(hubs for customers + agents)



We buy overstock at factory or retail level preventing excess stock going to waste.


We buy customer returns, with capability to process, sort and recondition.


We aim to reduce the circulation of wasteful second hand clothing and cheap imports by giving customers a third option.

Faro Impact

For every kilogram of clothing we sell we pledge to save one kilogram of textile waste from the landfill.

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Faro impact

A pledge for change.